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The Biofuels Center distributes information in a variety of ways about its activities and about biofuels developments in the state and elsewhere:

  • Media Releases - please click on the submenu to the left.
  • Updates - short updates about ongoing activities and events.  Please click on the submenu to the left.
  • Newsletter - The Biofuels Headline is distributed monthly.  To see past issues or to get on the mailing list, click on the link on the Top Menu or click HERE.
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  • Image bank - Download high resolution images for print publications
  • Podcasts - Podcasts are available to stream or download.  The player to stream podcasts is on the Home Page and can be downloaded and played on your PC or MP3 player from MEDIA.  (Or click on the link.) The Center has dozens of short, five-minute interviews with industry leaders and researchers involved in biofuels.
  • Maps, Graphics and Images - Please visit MEDIA for grant impact maps, forecast maps of the statewide scope of the biofuels industry sector and high-resolution images of Center staff.


Please direct all media inquiries to:

Wil Glenn
Director, Communications and Public Affairs
Work Phone: (919) 693-3000 ext. 276
Cell Phone: (919) 339-0307

To send an email, please use the contact form HERE.