Legislation & Policy Overview


The Biofuels Center of North Carolina is actively engaged in a number of policy arenas from the North Carolina General Assembly and state regulatory agencies to the halls of Congress.  This level of activity on policy issues is consistent with the Center's core philosophy that developing the biofuels industry in North Carolina must be done comprehensively. Consequently, the Center works in a variety of areas to build the biofuels industry, including research and technology development, growing feedstocks, and public education.  Developing a suitable policy framework is in keeping with Strategy 9 of North Carolina's Strategic Plan for Biofuels Leadership.  


The Center advocates for policies on a wide range of issues, including tax credits and other incentives that would benefit biofuels producers and distributors in North Carolina.  A list of the current biofuel incentive and funding programs in North Carolina can be found in Business Development section of our website under Incentives.


The Center also works with many partners to establish environmental and agricultural policies that will ensure the bioufels sector develops in a sustainable manner.  More information on some of the sustainability efforts underway at the Center can be found on our website under Sustainability.

Please see the updates and bill summaries in this section to find the most current information on legislation and policy impacting biofuels in North Carolina and in the nation.


North Carolina Legislation 2013


The most significant piece of legislation related to biofuels development approved this year by the North Carolina General Assembly was House bill 112.  The bill extends the tax credit available for renewable fuel production facilities in service by January 1, 2017 as long as the developer signs a letter of commitment with Commerce Secretary by September 1, 2013.  The new language also requires the facility to begin construction by December 31, 2013.




North Carolina Energy Policy Council


The North Carolina Energy Policy Council is charged by statute with developing and recommending a long-term comprehensive energy policy for the State of North Carolina.  The Council was modified by the legislature in 2009 with new membership and a stronger emphasis on developing the Green Economy.  Steven Burke, President and CEO of the Biofuels Center, serves on the Council in the position designated for an alternative fuels representative.


In March 2011 the Council submitted a report to the Governor and General Assembly on some initial policy actions, including several recommendations on biofuels production and distribution.  All of the recommendations and background information can be found in the Energy Policy Council Report: March 2011.


Fuels regulation