North Carolina Advantages

  • It presents significant opportunities around low-cost cellulosic feedstocks
  • More than 100,000 acres of hog lagoon sprayfield acreage suitable for conversion to energy grasses in a three-county region
  • Around 800,000 acres of hay acreage which can be switched to energy grasses
  • 17.6 million acres of abundant woody biomass with low demand and lowest stump prices in the nation
  • Ideal business climate: North Carolina is consistently ranked the US leader (ranked #1 by Site Selection magazine; #3 by CNBC)
  • It has comprehensive financial modelling tools for the biofuels industry 
  • A nationally unique 426-acre Biofuels Campus, merging feedstocks and technology 
  • A strong agricultural sector: more than $60 billion per year 
  • It is rich in a variety of feedstocks with a long growing season, prime for double-cropping 
  • It is a national leader in biotechnology, which is vital to the development of feedstocks and effective processing as well as providing a pool of scientific talent
  • Ranked #1 in the US for agricultural biotechnology research 
  • Top universities delivering excellence
  • Premiere workforce development programs through the third largest community college system in the US

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