NC Biofuels Feedstocks

A critical element to the creation of a long-term, economically viable, profitable and sustainable biofuels industry sector is the availability of large quantities of low-cost biomass proximal to biofuels production facilities.  The Biofuels Center has determined that the most likely sources of biomass meeting these criteria in North Carolina are energy grasses and woody biomass.  Municipal solid waste is also being investigated.

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The Center has worked with researchers to investigate a range of crops other than energy grasses and woody biomass for their economic viability as feedstocks for large-scale biofuels projects.  It conducted much of this agronomic research in project called North Carolina Grows Biofuels.  The research took place at research stations statewide to be inclusive of different soil types and microclimates.  Some of that research, in partnership with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and N.C. universities, is ongoing, particularly regarding perennials and woody biomass.

  • For more information about agricultural feedstocks, including woody biomass, please contact the Director of Farming. 
  • For more information about MSW projects, please contact the Director of Industry Development